Below you'll find some of the most frequently asked questions about working together!

What are one-on-one sessions like?

Sessions are completely customized to you!

Our very first session will be an initial intake where I'll learn all about your health history, lifestyle, current diet, health goals, and so much more!

Following this I'll create a customized wellness protocol for you including diet, supplement, mindset, and lifestyle recommendations!  We will build upon it during each session, based on where you're at.

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How can I expect to feel?

Our sessions together will leave you feeling inspired, seen & heard, deeply cared for, and optimistic. I will create a safe space for you, listen to your challenges, and help you shift not only how you eat, but your entire mindset around the way you view food, your body, and even other aspects of your life!

One client described it as this: "every time we talk it feels like I'm receiving the warmest hug."

My approach with clients is much like how I am in person - light hearted, fun, supportive, joyful, grounded, intuitive, and compassionate. I will always meet you where you're at. I want the best for you, and will advocate for and support you in all the ways I possibly can!

What is your approach to nutrition?

My approach to nutrition is whole foods based and always personalized to you, depending on your diet preferences, health goals, lifestyle, family needs, and more.

I offer easy to follow meal ideas and recipes, that make eating healthy WORK FOR YOU!

I truly believe there is no 'one size fits all' approach to diet - and so instead I educate and empower you to eat in a way that supports your best physical and mental health, while also working for your lifestyle and personal/ family needs.

I also believe in the power of intuitive eating and will show you how it can be possible (even if you've never thought it was for you!). We are all our own greatest teachers, and as your nutritionist, I believe my role is to help invoke within you this process of learning from your inner knowing.

Will I have to give up my favourite foods?

Definitely not all of them! I always do my best to allow flexibility in peoples' protocols.

That being said, there can be undiagnosed food sensitivities, trigger foods, inflammation, or allergies that can further exacerbate health conditions (such as anxiety or digestive issues). If we find this is the case for you - I would recommend you give up said foods (but maybe only for a limited time).

I always ensure clients have a plethora of delicious and more nutritious alternatives that they truly fall in love with - I really mean it!

What if I'm not happy with our time together?

If you're not satisfied with the support you are receiving, I offer a 30 day money back guarantee during the first month when you express valid reasons for not feeling satisfied.

Why should I work with a nutritionist?

I love this question! If you've never worked with a nutritionist like me before - you're about to be blown away (at least I'm pretty sure of it!).

Working with a nutritionist can provide you with:

  • The guidance and encouragement you need to feel truly amazing and at peace with your body, mind, and spirit
  • The education you need surrounding our food system & your holistic health - you likely never learned it in school, so it makes sense to be taught it now!
  • New found inspiration in the kitchen and at meal times
  • Support and encouragement to reach your health goals - like you've probably never had before!
  • A knowing that you are heard, seen, respected, and having the power to invoke your inner healing!
  • Especially unique to working with me is the completely holistic approach to health in focusing on body, mind, spirit, and your connection to the planet through the food you eat
  • Improvements not only in the areas you intend (such as reduced anxiety, improved gut health, and minimal PMS) but in areas you might never expect! Watch and be amazed 🙂
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