Photo by: Tatajana Liberty Photography
Photo by: Tatajana Liberty Photography

Podcast Links:

"The Joyous Health Podcast" - I share all about taking a balanced and holistic approach to anxiety including common related health issues that are risk factors for anxiety - with renowned nutritionist and cookbook author, Joy McCarthy. It was truly SUCH an honour to have this conversation with Joy!

"The Anxiety Reset Podcast" - Host Georgie Collinson (who is an incredible Naturopathic Doctor) and I talk all about what to eat for anxiety - including some of our current favourite meal and snack ideas. Such a fun episode to get inspired in the kitchen with!

"The Balance with Britt Podcast " - This one is all about eating to ease anxiety, including my story, what can trigger anxiety, and what we can do to ease it!

"Crying On My Yoga Mat" - I share a bit about my story with anxiety (my crying on the yoga mat experiences) and chat with host, Jaydee Lynn, about the importance of self nourishment.

"The Speak Podcast" - I chat with host Amanda Yipp on all things gut health and the gut/ brain connection and some of my own journey that lead me to where I am today.

"Every Girls Guide to Ayruveda" - I talk all about my journey to growing food and how you can too with host, Gee Braithwaite

"Newly Nutrition" - I chat with host Emily Johnson about the behind the scenes launch of my "Get Growing Food" Online Course

"The Alessandra Cardin Show" - I chat with Alessandra all about soil quality, gut health, and tips on starting to grow your own food as well.


"Exploring Alternatives" YouTube Channel - a peak at the cabin Luke and I call home!

Photo by Alex Harris
Photo by Alex Harris