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- Constantly feeling anxious and not sure why?

- Always bloated after meals?

- Struggling with PMS/ and or irregular and painful periods?

- Lacking confidence in body & mind?

- Constantly exhausted?

- Feeling alone in your struggles?

It's time to get to the root of it!

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist I'm here to teach you how you can use nutrition to do just that!


Receive the exact support and guidance you need to thrive in body & mind!


I completely understand just how challenging it is to live with debilitating anxiety and health issues that keep you in the way from living your best life.

I get it because I've been there too. In fact, my long and seemingly isolating journey has lead me to where I am today. In hopes no one is left struggling alone like I once was.

As a nutritionist, I now help others get to the physical roots of what's contributing to their anxiety, while supporting them along the way to more inner peace and thriving health.



“Meghan has been an incredible guide in navigating how food impacts my anxiety. She is a gifted listener and teacher. She has helped me gain awareness around my anxiety-provoking eating habits, and taught me how eating nourishing food has a powerfully positive impact on my wellbeing.
Her recipes are delicious and easy to prepare, she provided a tangible and practical plan of shifting to healthier eating, and best of all, I'm feeling more grounded, clear, and capable than I have for a long time."

- K.M. (former client)

"Meg is one of (if not THE) most genuine, kind, and loving souls I have had the privilege of connecting with and her light shines in all she does. She is such an inspiration to me, not only in the way she run's her business but also in the way she leads her life...  Anyone who gets to work with Meg is so very lucky... I truly feel I have gained a friend through working together..." 

- B.D. (former client) 

“Meghan is a truly incredible human being! I've always had a complicated relationship with food and Meghan has helped me to overcome negative feelings associated with eating and has taught me to view food and nourishment in a new light.
She has helped me to learn the practice of mindful eating and offered suggestions with my eating choices to help me feel better than I ever have. Meghan's own story is inspiring and working with her has been an absolute privilege."

- K.T. (former client)

"Working with Meg has played such an important role in my journey to reduce my anxiety. I'm grateful for what I've learned from Meg and know it will positively impact me for years to come.
With her guidance, support, and knowledge, I have learned what I should be eating to truly nourish my body and mind."

- M.M. (former client)

“Look no further – hire Meg. I’ve always known the link between nutrition and mental health but failed to institute the necessary life changes. Working with Meg has helped in so many ways from diet to lifestyle changes to coping through withdrawal from various substances. She’s helped me give up caffeine, gluten, dairy, and has been a steady co-pilot on my journey to reclaim my health. I went from eating hardly any veggies to enjoying them throughout the day. Highly recommended.” 
- D.O. (former client) 


One on one coaching is for you, if you're:


  • Ready to finally feel calm & grounded 
  • Want to get to the root of anxiety, bloating, fatigue, and painful periods
  • Are ready to cultivate a truly loving relationship with food - not restrictive, but deeply nourishing and free
  • Desire the energy and motivation to accomplish all you dream of
  • Want to feel truly confident in body and mind so you can live your BEST LIFE!



(3 months)


- Comprehensive intake & goal setting session
- Bi-weekly sessions (6 total)
- 20% discount on recommended supplements
- Gut loving, Anxiety Easing Cookbook


$497/ month $1,490 total


(6 months)


- Comprehensive intake & goal setting session

- Bi-weekly sessions months 1-3 months, and monthly sessions months 3-6 (9 total)

- 20% discount on recommended supplements

- Text & email support between sessions (very helpful for accountability & guidance!) 

- Gut loving, Anxiety Easing E-Cookbook


$375/ month $2,250 total

~ 25% savings


(12 months)


- Comprehensive intake & goal setting session
- Monthly sessions (13 total)
- 20% discount on recommended supplements
- Text & email support between sessions (very helpful for accountability & guidance)
- Gut loving, Anxiety Easing Cookbook
- Bonus cooking session
- Access to the 'Eat to Ease Anxiety Online Course"
- A welcome gift (mailed to you!)


$333/ month $4,000 total

~ 33% savings


- If you referred to me by a Naturopath, reach out for a customized option

Ready to see if working together is right for you?

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