What Does it Mean to be H-anxious? And How to Avoid it?

Have you ever found yourself getting h-anxious before?!

Firstly I should say, if you have no idea what this – don’t worry – I don’t think it’s actually a real term… yet that is! ūüôā

But, after I explain, you’ll likely know exactly what I’m talking about! 

So, let’s get into it!¬†

We’ve likely all heard the term h-angry before; you know those feelings of anger/ madness that arise when you’re hungry?! 

Well, for those of us who are prone to anxiety, there’s a very similar sensation that can arise when we get hungry but instead of getting angry – hunger might cause you to feel increasingly anxious (a.k.a, h-anxious). 

This is often due to a drop in blood sugar levels and the desire your body & brain have to receive the nutrients they need to thrive Рfrom nourishing foods! 

Is this sounding like something you’ve experienced at all?!

What’s the Remedy for H-anxiety? 

Alright, so now that we’re all clear on what h-anxiety is – let’s talk about what you can do to fix it! 

The good news is – there’s SO much you can do (and it’s really not too difficult)! 

Here are 3 Tips to Help Curb or Avoid H-anxiety: 

  • Eat a Quality Breakfast:¬†one that includes healthy fats, a protein source, a complex carb source, and some fruit or veg. A veggie omelette with avocado and a piece of sourdough is a great example of this!¬†
  • Keep Your Blood Sugars Balanced:¬†there are many ways that can help to do this but one of the best is to eat 3 balanced meals per day that contain the right blend of macro-nutrients (proteins, carbs, & fats) along with lots of veggies, at fairly equal increments¬†
  • Have Healthy Snacks¬†Between Meals:¬†this is especially important if you feel like your blood sugars are starting to drop or you¬†notice you’re getting tired, hungry, and/ or anxious!

Hopefully this blog post has reminded you that our bodies and minds are amazing and resilient, yet they operate best when they’re well taken care of!

Wishing you a beautiful, h-anxiety free day <3

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