Should I Take a Multi Vitamin?

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I’m so excited to be diving into the ever so common question of ‘should I take a multi vitamin?‘ Specifically, we’ll be touching on why you might want to take a multi vitamin, multi vitamins for anxiety support, what to look out for in a multi, and lastly, I’ll be sharing my top multi recommendation!

Firstly, to answer the question of ‘Should you take a Multi Vitamin?’ – the answer for the most part is YES – as long as it’s a high quality one (don’t worry – more on this below)!

Why Take A Multi Vitamin?


Multi vitamins are a great idea to take in order to ensure you’re getting all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to thrive.

Of course it’s best to focus on consuming a nourishing, balanced, whole foods diet in order to get all the micro nutrients you need. However, adding in a multi, can help on those days when for whatever reason, life gets hectic, and you might not get what you need from your food alone.


Sadly, in todays day, the soil that the majority of our food is grown in is lacking adequate levels of essential vitamins and minerals that it once had.

For example, a 2004 study done on 43 different fruits and vegetables compared nutrient data between 1950 to 1999. The study found ‘reliable declines’ in nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, riboflavin (vitamin B2) vitamin C, and even protein in the produce grown more recently, than its same counterpart grown in the 1950s. (1) Taking a multi vitamin can help make up for some of these losses, we are now experiencing due to our large scale conventional agricultural practices.


Stress, toxins, pollution, and our modern world can take a toll on our bodies. Taking a multi vitamin can help give your body the extra boost it might need to thrive optimally in the fast past world we are living in.

Multi Vitamins for Anxiety Support?

Taking a multi vitamin can be a very helpful tool for supporting your body when struggling with anxiety!

In her book, “The Mood Cure”, Julia Ross explains that, “much of our increasing emotional distress stems from easily correctable malfunctions in our brain and body chemistry- malfunctions that are primarily the result of critical, unmet nutritional needs.” (2)

I love this quote because it explains the fact that when the body is provided with the nutrients it needs, this can better support the brain and body chemistry in helping to regulate our moods.

It’s know well known that there are common vitamin and mineral deficiencies that can further exacerbate anxiety. For example nutrients such as vitamin B6, iron, zinc, vitamin D, and magnesium are all common deficiencies that often co-incide with anxiety (3).

Taking a multi vitamin is a great way to reduce your risk of being deficient in any of the key micro nutrients that can lead to further triggering anxiety.

What to Look for in a Multi Vitamin?

Below are my top recommendations of what to look for in a mutli vitamin.

WHOLE FOOD BASED: I always recommend looking out for mutli’s that are made from whole food ingredients, as opposed to ones that are synthetic. This helps to ensure both the quality and digestibility of the suppelement

ORGANIC/ PESTICIDE RESIDUE FREE: Yes! Just like I always recommend doing your best to avoid pesticides on the food you eat – the same is true for your supplements.

DAIRY & SOY FREE: you should especially not find dairy or soy in your multi vitamins – it’s simply unnecessary!

WIDE VARIETY OF VITAMINS & MINERALS: You want to ensure your multi is loaded with a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. Some of the most important ones to look out for include; the B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin D3, selenium, and zinc.

ENSURE THEY’RE THE RIGHT COMPOSITION FOR YOU: Humans of different size, composition, genders, and ages often do not eat the same way, so why would one take the same multi vitamin? Check out my top recommendation below to learn more about what I mean!

My Top Multi Vitamin Recommendation

Alright! So now that we’ve established how helpful in can be to take a multi, now it’s time to talk about which kind to actually take!

As always, my top recommendation for supplements is MegaFood Canada! I love MegaFood Canada supplements because they are all the things I listed above – and so much more!

MegaFood Canada supplements are made from REAL, whole foods, grown from trusted farm partners. Each vitamin or mineral within their multi’s are paired with an ideal whole food in order to help provide maximal benefit of the health-promoting compounds present in the whole food itself! Not only this, their supplements are all glyphosate residue free, tested for 125+ pesticides/ herbicides, non GMO, and dairy & soy free!

As a 27 year old woman, my favourite multi vitamin to take is MegaFood Canada Women’s One Daily. It’s loaded with the vitamins and minerals my body needs to thrive at the age I am, and is also loaded with whole foods and herbs to support a healthy menstrual cycle, energy levels, and the nervous system.

MegaFood Canada also has many other amazing ‘One Daily’ supplements depending on one’s age and gender. They have a Women 55+, Women Over 40, a Men’s Daily, a Men’s 55+, Mens Over 40, and even a Kid’s One Daily! Check them out here.

NOTE: This is not personalized medical advice. It’s always best to talk to a health care practitioner before taking new supplements.

Final Words

So just to recap, taking a daily multi vitamin can be a GREAT idea (as long as it’s of high quality), in order to ensure your body is getting the nutrients you need to thrive!

When looking out for a multi vitamin – my top recommendation is MegaFood Canada! I take the ‘Women’s One Daily’ however, be sure to choose which suites you best based on your age and gender 🙂



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