Salt Spring Island Travel Guide: Where to Eat & What to Do?

Hi friends! 

After 2 and a half years of living on here on so called Salt Spring Island (the unceded territory of the Hul’qumi’num and SENĆOŦEN speaking peoples), I am SO excited to finally be sharing the ultimate Salt Spring Island Travel Guide! In this Salt Spring Travel Guide I share about all things “where to eat” and “what to do” on this beautiful little rock.

For those who are new around here, let me first introduce myself before I I get into all the best Salt Spring Island travel recommendations you must know! 

My name is Meghan De Jong and I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who specializes in nutrition for anxiety and gut health. I’m also an organic vegetable gardener and whole foods recipe creator. I moved from Vancouver to Salt Spring, where my partner Luke and I live in a tiny 250 square foot cabin that he built.

We grow tons of our own food, forage all sorts of goodies, eat incredibly delicious food, and do our best to enjoy all the goodness the island has to offer! If you’re curious about what it’s like living on Salt Spring – be sure to check out my blog post about it here

Okay so now on to the Salt Spring Island travel guide including everywhere you need to grocery shop, eat, swim, hike, and all other cute places you should check out!

Best Places to Grocery Shop: 

Being a nutritionist and huge foodie, I have to share my top Salt Spring Island vegetarian food recommendations – starting with where I like to grocery shop! I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely one of those people who goes to like 5 different stores in any given week to get my groceries as I know what I like from where, and don’t like settling for anything else!

So here goes my top grocery shopping recommendations…

  • The Farmers Market: the market is BUSY but the vibes are soooo good! This is the best place to buy your fresh organic produce and support our local farmers! Not only that but at the Saturday Market – you can also find beautiful crafts, jewellery, pottery, and yummy treats! Note: the market only runs on Tuesdays (2-6pm) & Saturdays (9-4pm) in the spring/ summer/ early fall months.* Saturdays the market has crafts and food, where as Tuesdays is mainly just food. My most favourite stall is where I get chai & gluten free, vegan samosas – you have to keep your eye open for it!
    *Market times might change so always check online to stay up to date!

  • Earth Candy Farm: one of my favourite hidden gems on the island! Another great place to buy fresh organic produce. They sell local fruits and veg along with imported goods like bananas, avocados, etc. However, what you really need to do here is stock up on all your nut butters, honey, healthy flours, dried fruits, seeds, nuts, and more! My fave thing to buy from here is: tahini- look for their tahina (a more runny form of tahini)- which in my opinion just so happens to be the best thing ever to drizzle on nourish bowls. Also – if they have their fresh homemade chocolate when you go – you should definitely buy a bar! Note: Earth Candy is only open Tuesdays and Saturdays from 9am -5pm – you don’t want to miss it!!! I should also note, the entrance is very discrete. There are no signs heading into the farm, so just know if you come to a gravel driveway with an open fence at 223 Booth Canal Road – you’re in the right spot!

  • Nature Works: our adorable health food store in the heart of Ganges (downtown Salt Spring)! The best place to get bulk herbs, local organic produce (in case you miss market days), and any sort of organic goods you need! They have a discount produce bin which usually has some really affordable and still high quality organic veg/ fruits that might be just slightly past their prime but still incredibly delicious! It’s super convenient to shop at Nature Works as it’s right in the heart of town and rarely has crazy line ups compared to the other conventional grocery stores!

  • Country Grocer: despite not being a fan of big box grocery stores – this place never ceases to amaze me! They have a surprisingly wide selection of organic products including healthier chip brands, a great chocolate selection, all my fave types of noodles, sauces, bulk goods, and more! If you’re staying for a while – definitely the place to go to do a big stock up on what you need! They also always have amazing sales on select products each week and Tuesday’s are 10% off store wide (be aware though – this makes shopping here on Tuesdays extra busy)! In case you haven’t noticed a theme yet – Tuesdays are a busy day in the world of grocery shopping/ markets on Salt Spring!

  • Thrifty’s: Thrifty’s is the place we go to buy organic avocados (they almost always have the best selection)! I also find their ‘Earth’s Own Organic Almond Milk’ is often on sale so we’ll go stock up on avo’s & almond milk here (but that’s about it)!

  • Francis Bread: the best place to get your fresh organic sourdough from! They’re open Tuesday’s, Saturday’s, & Sunday’s from 10-2pm! They also have sourdough pizza dough on Sunday’s which is so fun to bring home and make your own pizzas (if you’re staying at a place that has a kitchen & oven). UPDATE (2022): They recently moved to an area called Merchant Mews (very close to downtown), where they’re situated in the cutest area with The Woodshed Provisions shop and Salt Spring Kitchen (jams). This little spot is one of the hottest up and coming spots on the island – definitely worth checking out!

  • Del Vecchio Pasta Fresca: they sell the most amazing fresh pasta and the most heavenly ciabatta buns that are often still hot when you purchase them (we use them as burger buns – pictured below)! I also buy my olives and fresh tomato sauce from here.

  • Farm Stands: one of my favourite parts about living on this island – all the cute farm stands that are loaded with local homegrown goodies! We try to always buy our eggs from farm stands as you can guarantee they’re the highest quality. You’ll also be able to find fresh produce, flowers, and other goodies from select farm stands across the island. Don’t be shy to stop and shop at whatever ones you come across. Farm stands on the island go by the honour system in terms of payment. A lot of them now accept e-transfer, but some you still need to pay in cash only.
Del Vecchio Pasta Fresca ciabatta bun with my Homemade Veggie Burgers

Best Places to Eat Out:

Truthfully, I have not yet experienced eating out on Salt Spring to it’s fullest extent! I must admit that there aren’t a ton of healthy, modern vegetarian friendly restaurants that get me super excited to go to – as I often prefer to cook with all our garden fresh food at home. However, that being said – there are certainly a few good ones!

  • Woodshed Provision’s Food Truck: I put this one first for a reason! This is seriously some of the BEST food on the island! Located in Fulford harbour it’s the perfect place to go if you arrive on the Fulford ferry or find yourself in the south end! Literally anything you get from here is gold and made with the most farm fresh organic produce! Pictured to the right!
  • Auntie Pesto’s: one of the higher quality restaurants on the island. Situated right on the water it’s a great place for farm fresh Italian inspired food with some great veggie options! It’s high quality food that aims to use as much local produce as possible – and you can taste the difference because of it!

  • Moby’s: okay, so I’m really not one to recommend pub food – but when the options of trendy veg friendly restaurants are limited – I’ve learned to be more flexible! The only dish I’ve ever gotten from here is the Yam Tempura Sushi Bowl. It sounds weird but I substitute the yam tempura for extra mushrooms and it makes for the perfect healthy eat out meal! The patio is super nice here as it’s right on the water and they often have live music playing!

  • The Tree House Cafe: a cute classic go-to spot in the heart of Ganges (downtown) quite literally a ‘tree house’ cafe. They often have live music and their menu has some really good vegetarian/ vegan friendly options

  • Al’s Falafel: super delicious falafel food truck that happens to have amazing yam fries and vegan falafel pita’s (pictured below)! They have a cute little outdoor patio area you can sit down to eat at. Al’s makes for the perfect quick yet delicious meal.

  • Francis Bread: not only great for sourdough bread, it’s also perfect for lunch as they have an amazing selection of sandwiches, soups, and other yummy goods. They also have takeaway picnic baskets which are lovely to bring along on any outdoor Salt Spring adventure like a hike! I highly recommend their baguette sandwiches (whose toppings shift to be seasonal all year round) if you’re looking for a quick and yummy lunch option!

  • Rock Salt: although I’ve never eaten here – I do hear good things about their veggie burgers and vegetarian burritos (among other things) and it’s a nice option for the south end of town. Luke (my partner) really likes their breakfasts and it’s great as they do try to use some local Salt Spring produce & eggs!

  • Dos Amores Tortilleria: a newer place on the island and it does not disappoint! It’s high quality Mexican food bursting with flavour and fresh ingredients. For vegan options I recommend the Mushroom Pibil or the Spicy Vegan Chorizo Tacos. The toppings are incredibly delicious and the corn tortillas they use for them are amazing!

  • True Love Pizza: incredibly high quality sourdough pizza (food truck) with all sorts of local topping options. Their dough is fermented for 24 hours and made with organic unbleached flour. They have a vegan pizza option and offer the ability for you to choose your own toppings to make your dream pizza!
Al’s Falafel

Best Places for Coffee:

  • Switchboard Cafe: the cutest little coffee shop in town! Becka & Brian who run it are the kindest most loving community oriented people – and even let me host nutrition workshops there in the evenings! They also happen to have the best Pumpkin Spice Lattes and baked goods! Switchboard make’s an effort to use organic ingredients and have a great selection of treats (both vegan and non). Their patio is quaint yet bustling – it’s the perfect place to sit for a cup of coffee, people watch, and enjoy the Salt Spring vibes.

  • Salt Spring Coffee: I really like the coffee from here (it’s organic and tastes great) and they also have the most delicious vegan date square ever (pictured below)!

  • Francis Bread: another great place for coffee. They do pour over coffee and use super high quality beans! On a nice sunny day it’s perfect to sit on the grass out front the bakery and enjoy a coffee and a fresh handmade pastry. The sea salt toffee brownies are heavenly as is their vegan spelt cookie (and truthfully anything they sell)!

  • Beachside Cafe: situated right on the ocean just at the edge of Ganges, this is a beautiful stop for a coffee, tea, or other yummy drink (I love their hot cocoa!). They use tons of organic ingredients and also have some yummy treats – I’ve heard their smoothie bowls are delicious although I haven’t tried one yet! Beachside also offers kayak & paddle board rentals and because they’re owned by the folks at Purica they sell tons of awesome supplements as well.
Decaf Oat Misto & Date Square from Salt Spring Coffee

Other Notable Food Places:

Sourdough loaf & blondie from Mountain View Bakery
  • Salt Spring Soft Serve: UPDATE: now called Softy’s. Not to be missed! The BEST vegan (dairy free) soft serve you will ever taste! I always get the swirl with cookie crumble on top (pictured below) but the sundaes are also incredible! It’s the perfect treat for a hot and sunny day – and really never disappoints!
  • Mountain View Farm Stand: All vegan & amazing! They have everything from vegan cinnamon buns and cookies to savoury goods like sourdough bread and pesto twists. If you’re looking for vegan sweet treats – this is your spot! Pictured right is a loaf of organic sourdough and a vegan blondie I got!

  • Woodshed Provisions Farm Stand: created by one of the best chef’s on the island, Haidee Hart, serving tons of ready to go meals like pastas and pies. The quality is next level and every dish is bursting with flavour! Perfect to bring back to an air b & b or take some ready made meals home with you!
  • Salt Spring Kombucha Farm Stand: they sell the delicious and iconic Salt Spring kombucha, along with kombucha popsicles, bliss balls, & raw chocolates – a super fun little stop in the south end.

  • Folklife Concept Store Pop Up: they sell the cutest local goods, delicious eats, and yummy coffee – a great place to check out! This pop up store was made by the creator of Folk Life Magazine which I also highly recommend picking up the latest issue in order to be truly inspired about all things going on here in the gulf islands.

  • Kizmit Cafe: not open all the time, but an adorable little spot when it is! Located in the south end. It’s the perfect spot to sit for a cup of tea and piece of cake amongst their garden tables.

  • Barb’s Buns: although I don’t frequent here often – I had to put it on the list! Barb’s is an iconic bakery on the island and a great place to grab a smoothie, baked good, quick lunch, or fresh loaf of bread! It’s got a great outdoor patio and a nice mix of local/ tourist vibes. They also have a great selection of artisanal grocery items like crackers, jams, and other local Salt Spring goodies!
Salt Spring Vegan Soft Serve!


  • SALT: one of the best clothing stores on the island in my opinion. They sell all sorts of ethical and locally made clothes, jewelry and accessories.

  • Twang & Pearl: they sell super nice brand name clothes and cute nick knacks
  • Folk Stock & Trade: here they have beautiful goods for your home and other cute nick knacks. They also sell Anion wool sweaters/ jackets (an incredible Victoria based brand). 

  • Bo Ho Consignment: an incredible consignment store you don’t want to miss!

Things to Do:

  • If it’s summer time: Swim, swim, swim! Salt spring is packed with amazing lakes and beaches!
    • Lakes: The entrance to the lakes are often quite discrete, however don’t be shy! Cusheon, St. Mary’s, and Weston are my fave lakes to swim at. It’s super helpful if you have a paddle board so you can get away from the crowds/ kids on the shoreline. You can rent boards from Salt Spring Adventure Co. or the Salt Spring Island Paddle Board Company (they’re often parked out front Cusheon lake – but I recommend calling first to be sure)
    • Ocean dips: I love Baders beach, Beddis beach, and Sunset beach. The truth is, there’s no bad place to swim in the ocean on salt spring! I recommend you wear water shoes or crocks in the water at all times as a lot of places have tons of sharp things that really hurt to step on (trust me on this)!
  • Enjoy a yoga class at the Salt Spring Island Wellness Centre.

  • Walk around the Saturday or Tuesday Market (a must do!!)

  • Rent paddle boards or kayaks

  • Enjoy snacks or a meal and some cider from Ciderworks or Salt Spring Wild Cider (both have amazing Salt Spring Cider and are in beautiful settings)

  • Hike! See below for my fave places

  • Go see a movie in our tiny ‘Fritz Movie Theatre’ (great for a rainy afternoon/ evening)

  • Check out the Lavender Farm (Sacred Mountain Lavender). Need I say more? Such a cool place to check out for all things lavender!

  • Hemp House Hair Salon: either go get your hair done here or make a quick stop to buy the highest quality hair products! This is where I get my hair done and I cannot recommend it enough – if you manage to get in for an apt – you will be blown away! From the minute you step in the door you will feel more calm, at peace, and beautiful. Not only is the service 11/10, it’s one of the most incredible buildings I’ve ever been inside – as the name suggests, it’s made entirely from hemp!

  • Just chill! Don’t forget that if you’re coming to Salt Spring for vacation, it is more than okay to do very little! Hang out at your b & b/ accommodation, relax, and enjoy the chill vibes of the island!

  • Enjoy a delicious locally inspired home cooked meal by me in the comfort of your own air b & b/ accommodation! I can come to you and cook up a delicious meal along with dessert – bringing everything to you! Message me at: for details. I also offer one on one nutrition coaching sessions. I mostly do them virtually, but I also offer in person sessions for anyone local or who is visiting the island.
Enjoy a locally inspired home cooked meal with fresh seasonal salt spring produce


  • Mt. Erskine is my most fave hike ever – I do it almost every week (pictured right)! It has beautiful views and is the perfect mini workout without being too exhausting or taking up your entire day! You can access from Juniper/ Spring Gold Way or Collins Road. NOTE: Collins Road access is much steeper and adds a good 30ish minutes to the hike

  • Ruckle Park: a camp site but also a beautiful and easy place to walk around for coastal views – a great spot to check out!

  • Mt. Maxwell: you can drive to the top and hike around. It has amazing views! A great place to go with smaller kids as it’s more car access than it is a hike. I should note though that a car that can make it up the bumpy, steep road is necessary!

  • Burgoyne Bay: Mostly flat, super beautiful coastal walk with many different paths to choose from – and easy access to swimming in the ocean at many different areas. 

  • Duck Creek: Another great chill little spot to walk around – great to bring kids and/or dogs for a walk, and enjoy the beauty of the island. There are a many different loops to choose from, and makes for the perfect quick little afternoon activity.


Alright friends, I think that’s a wrap on this Salt Spring Island Travel guide for all things to eat, shop, & do!

If you’re planning a trip to the island (or are already here) I hope you have the best time ever! Maybe I’ll see you around town – or perhaps even for a nutrition or cooking session! Don’t hesitate to reach out!  

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this ultimate ‘Salt Spring Island Travel Guide’ – from my perspective!

Much love,
Meg xo 

I hope you have the most beautiful time on the island!

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