Recipe: Carrot Lentil Late Spring Salad

I love this dish! I call it a salad however, it could also be considered as a spring “casserole” dish. It’s great for late spring when radish, arugula, and carrots are in season. It’s perfectly refreshing, nourishing, hearty, and delicious. It’s great to make for larger groups of people or to have on hand in your fridge for multiple meals throughout your week.


– 1 cup green lentils
– 3 cups water
– 1 medium white onion
– 1 clove garlic
– 4-5 large carrots
– 3-4 radish
– 1 cup fresh chopped dill
– 2 Tbsp. olive oil
– 2 cups fresh Arugula


– Pre-soak Lentils for a minmum of 1 hour (the longer the better so I like to overnight for up to 12 hours)
– Pre-heat oven to 350oF
– Drain and rinse lentils
– Place in a large pot with the 3 cups of water
– Allow water to bowl and then reduce heat to minimum and let simmer for approximately 25 min (the lentils should be fork tender)
– In the mean time, chop carrots into match stick sized shapes
– Place carrots on a large baking sheet, drizzle with 1 Tbsp olive oil, and let bake for 30-35 minutes (until they are fork tender as well)
РHeat oil in a small pan (cast iron preferably), add garlic and onion and let sauté until lightly browned
– In the meantime, finely chop fresh dill and radish
– Now it’s time to assemble: place the green lentils and onion garlic mixture at the bottom of a glass casserole dish. Mix until the onions are dispersed throughout the lentils. Next sprinkle the baked carrots, followed by the raddish, arugula, and ending with the dill
– This dish tastes great with my “Lemon Tahini Sauce” or “Little Creek” Store bought dressing

Recipe Inspiration: – check out her amazing recipes!!

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