How to Reduce Anxiety During Spring

Spring is certainly a beautiful time of growth, new beginnings, and increased energy. However, for those that are sensitive to their environments, this time of year, with the ‘go go go’ pace it brings, can be an easy trigger for anxiety.

In fact, when I think about the most anxious times of my life, the majority of them have been in springtime!

In this blog post I’m going over some of the many ways you can help to reduce your anxiety levels, if you’re feeling more on the anxious side this time of year!

Why Can Anxiety be Triggered in Spring? 

  • For those who are sensitive to their environments, the ‘go go go’ pace of this time of year, can be an easy trigger for anxiety 

  • This time of year we are ‘shedding the darkness’ of winter, which can create a big transition within our bodies, and be another reason we might experience anxiety. Change (no matter good nor challenging) can be anxiety invoking for those who are prone to it!

  • For a lot of people, things “happen” in spring – whether it be with ones job, relationships, living situation, or so on – our physical world can really mimic the changing of the seasons (and spring just so happens to be the time of heightened transition).

  • Certain health conditions can be triggered in spring such as allergies, which can lead us to feeling increased anxiety, lethargy, and exhaustion – believe it or not, focusing on GUT HEALTH can really help with seasonal allergies! 

  • Although there are so many beautiful sunny days in spring, the weather can still be cold and rainy – which can have a huge effect on mood. Especially if you’re feeling housebound or not getting enough Vitamin D! 

  • The truth is – anxiety can be triggered ANY time of year! It’s important to set ourselves up for grounded-ness and peace at all times, as we don’t know when anxiety might come creeping back (often in full force)! 

Ways to Reduce Anxiety for Spring:


Whether it be going for a lunch time walk, going on some hikes over the weekend, or heading to a local lake, river, or waterfall – all can be amazing places to help you ease your anxiety. While you’re there, take time to breathe deep and witness the beauty as much as you can.

Also be sure to notice how the energy of the plants and animals around you during this time of year is bustling and thriving, yet does so with a sense of ease and peace. As the beautiful quote from Lao Tzu reminds us, “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.


Journaling this time of year can be a great way to work through your anxious thoughts, and reframe them in a different light. Journaling is also a beautiful way to get to know yourself better.

I love writing out my intentions for the day, week, month, season, etc. and find it a beautiful way to better understand my deepest desires for the life I want to live. The best first step to do is buy yourself a journal you love, and set 5 minutes (yes, it really can be that short) aside to start writing!


Nature provides us with what we need, when we need it most! Spring is such a great time to include more:
Bitter leafy greens (such as dandelion greens & arugula)
– Stinging nettle
– Radish
– Fresh herbs

Frozen local berries (we always try to time our berry stocks to bring us through to this time of year!) Pictured to the right is a berry oat parfait made with wild blackberries Luke and I picked last summer!
Fermented foods (well, every time of year is great for this – but it can be especially great at this time if you don’t already). Try adding in some coconut yogurt, miso, tempeh, sauerkraut, or kimchi to your meals and see how you feel!


It’s no secret around here that gardening is one of my MOST favourite activities – and it just so happens to be incredibly grounding and anxiety easing. Getting your hands dirty in the soil, planting seeds, tending to them, and watching them grow, can help to bring a beautiful sense of calm into your life!

Gardening and learning to grow my own food has definitely been the best way I’ve learned to tap into spring energy, without getting anxious. For anyone curious about starting to garden – check out my ‘Get Growing Food’ Online Course HERE.


Spring is such a beautiful time to set new health goals and seek extra support while doing so!

As a nutritionist, I help you outline your health goals, find the WHY behind what you’re wanting to do, and help you work through WHAT might hold you back from reaching your goals and feeling your best self.

Best of all, I specialize in nutrition to reduce anxiety, and help you address co-existing health conditions such as digestive issues, poor gut health, imbalanced hormones, or blood sugar imbalances that might be holding you back from feeling amazing.

Be sure to check out my one on one offerings HERE.

Pictured Above: Picking Nettle which is one of the first things to come up for spring!

Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions by sending me an email to:

Wishing you all a beautiful spring season ahead!

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