2021 Favourites!

A collection of some of the things I’ve come to fall in love with this year!

From food to clothes to books – and everything in between! All of which I deem as very ‘anxiety friendly‘ in that I find them nourishing, calming, grounding, and/ or natural! 

Wanted to share because these things are too good not to! They’ve undoubtedly brought some enjoyment to my year – so I thought they might bring some to you as well!

I hope you enjoy reading and maybe even discover some of your new faves too!

Food Products:

Eaton Hemp Hearts and Super Bites– one of the BEST companies I’ve had the pleasure of working with this year! You can use the code MEG20 for 20% off your entire order – including their highest quality CBD oil (* affiliate code *)

Hu Gems Chocolate: literally obsessed!

Little Creek Caesar Dressing: a staple salad dressing in our house!

Indian Life Wraps: have had a randomly been obsessed with all things wrapped (burritos, veggie wraps, lentil wraps, etc. – these Indian Life ones are my go to’s)

Mary’s ‘Real Thin’ Crackers (sea salt flavour is my fave)

Miyokos vegan cheddar with red pepper jelly – the perfect little appetizer/ snack on top of the Mary’s Crackers listed above!

Greenhouse Organic Almond Milk: not cheap but the creamiest most delicious almond milk for a treat!

Healthade Bubbly Rose Kombucha: kinda feels like you’re actually drinking a bubbly rose 🙂

omfoods.com: for all things bulk – it’s the best!

Eaton Hemp Super Food Bites topped with their premium Hemp Hearts – These have become the perfect on the go snack for me!


Quinoa Carrot Curried Lentils Wraps: Recipe here – as I mentioned, I’ve come to love all things wraps this year!

Mediterranean Inspired Nourish Bowl: Recipe here – also developed a mild obsession for all things Mediterranean food – it’s just so fresh and has so many foods that are anxiety easing!

Chocolate Chip Hazelnut Cookies: Recipe here – seriously the best cookies you’ll ever eat and they’re gluten & dairy free!

The Best Chocolate Sweet Potato Cake Ever: Recipe here – just look at the pic below and you’ll see why it made the favourites list!

The Best Chocolate Sweet Potato Cake!

Body Care/ Make Up:

Mad Hippy Vitamin C Seurm – recommended to me by my bestie over at ‘The Pure Life’ it’s such a great skin care product!

Mineral Fusion Sparkle Bronzer – perfect for when you’re feeling sparkly

Pacifica Mascara – best mascara I’ve ever used!

Pink House Deodorant Lemongrass- Lime – the freshest smelling D.O.

Home Care:

Beeswax Candles (any type as long as they’re 100% beeswax!)

Sapadilla Dish Soap: a long standing fave of mine for dish soap – I prefer the lavender scent!

Branch Basics Cleaning products: so clean and and the concentrate concept is much more environmentally friendly!

Mouche Klenex Boxes: my mom and sis introduced to me while I was back home – they’re the cutest (you can see it pictured in the background here)

Dried flower arrangements: anything with THIS kind of vibe or the one pictured!


Bah Goose Rose Linen Dress: Best clothing purchase I made all year (pictured below)!

Lululemon Align tank: obsessed with the fit & feel – perfect with a pair of high waisted leggings, I have the blue colour and love so much (pictured below)

Ba&sh turtle neck: definitely a huge splurge that was gifted to me by my mom but the coziest ever – I can’t find the link to the exact one I have but it’s the one I’m wearing in the top picture!

Cloth & Co. Organic Cotton Lounge Pants : comfiest lounge pants I’ve ever worn

Organic Basics underwear: very comfy!

In my Align tank (hiking in The Yukon!)


– ‘This Is Your Brain On Food’ by Dr. Uma Naidoo (one of my fave books on nutrition for mental health – a super great intro to this topic)

– ‘The High Five Habit’ by Mel Robbins: super easy to read and very inspiring/ uplifting

– ‘Eat to Beat Depression & Anxiety‘ by Dr. Drew Ramsay

‘Rich as F*CK’ by Amanda Frances: a life changing book about money mindset (recommended to me by my dear friend Taryn Strong whose Money Course I took this year!)

Educated by Tara Westward: technically read it in 2020 but still highly recommend reading if you haven’t yet!

T.V. Shows:

Younger on Amazon Prime: I’m late to the show on this one – but if you haven’t watched yet it’s the cutest!

Schitt’s Creek: it’s not a 2021 show but the reruns never get old

Firefly Lane

– The Office: American version – will forever be a fave – I’m pretty sure Luke & I have watched every episode like 5 times!


‘On a Rise’ by Luke Wallace

‘Crowded Table’ by The High Woman

Blog Posts:

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Bah Goose Dress! Photo by Megan Glover <3
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